Original Music

Aaron John has been writing original music since he picked up an instrument for the first time around 2010. After many years of honing his craft, Aaron is thrilled to finally be officially recording and sharing his catalogue of original music.

“My goal as a songwriter is to share stories that people can relate to and enjoy. I want my music to raise the spirits of somebody who needs it and make a positive impact on today’s hurting world.”

Aaron John’s new single Thrill of the ride is now available!

thrill of the ride cover photo
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Live Performance Videos

“Cherry Blossom Ending” – by Busker Busker 버스커버스커
Live loop performance
“I’m Yours” – by Jason Mraz
Live Loop performance

Aaron John unreleased music demos

“Friday Night in the City” is a fun synth-pop anthem about the excitement of going out to party downtown on a Friday night.

“Sunset” is a thoughtful acoustic ballad about embracing the inevitable darkness of night.

“You Opened My Eyes” is an uplifting alternative rock song about not giving up on chasing a dream